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Are You Happy and You Know It? Clap Your Hands!!

Happiness depends less on what happens to us, and more on how we view the past, enjoy the moment and create the future. Studies have shown that the source of happiness is about 50% genetic, 40% is within our power to change and only 10% is affected by life circumstances.

There is a term”hedonistic adaptation”. This is the observed tendency of humans to quickly return to a relatively stable level of happiness, despite major positive or negative events, or life changes. We need to know that long-term happiness is relatively stable throughout one’s life. This can ease anxiety surrounding impactful events.

In our day-to-day lives, it is easy to miss the forest for the trees, and to look over some of the smaller, simple things that can affect our happiness levels. There are lots of studies that show that the right behavior for the individual leads to happiness in life ~

  1. Be busy, but not rushed. Research shows that being rushed puts us on the fast track to being miserable. Studies also show that having nothing to do can also take its toll. Living life within your comfort zone can be expanded beyond that, but not too much as to feel overwhelmed. Feeling like we are doing “busy work” is often the result of saying yes to things we are not particularly excited about. Be sure to say no to things that do not produce a resounding yes, when asked. Be sure to say yes to the right things that bring excitement and satisfaction.

  2. Be aware of tying your happiness to external events. This can lead to behavior which avoids failures as a defensive measure. Think of yourself less. This avoids the trap of tying your self-worth to external signals.

  3. Exercise: Make it a regular habit. The body is made to move. Also, endorphins are released with exercise, which makes the body happy.

  4. As people, we spend our time and money on experiences more than buying material goods. Avoid comparing y ourself to others. Your life is yours, it is what you make it.

  5. Follow your dreams. Take the risk to put into action something that starts as a dream, which then becomes reality. It is all about choices, made or not made. There are seven days in the week. “Someday” is not one of them. Pay attention to how events play out. Take the action to move from the familiar to new adventures. “Imagination is far more important than information”, said Albert Einstein.

  6. Remember, the purpose of our lives is to be happy – happy moment to happy moment. This moment is your life.

  7. Gratitude and Forgiveness: Counting our daily blessings and expressing gratitude to others increases happiness. Studies of people 90-to-100 years of age, showed that Gratitude and Forgiveness were major traits that added to their longevity and happiness. It is the journey of life. Take time to smell the roses, and to watch a sunset.

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