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Frequency of Life

On Aromatherapy, Healing Touch, Natural Healing, Nia.

It is said that everything alive vibrates. This is where we get the language – vibrational frequency. A motion not usually seen with the naked eye but certainly measurable as electromagnetic waves or hertz.

Our bodies have different frequencies. Even the earth has a frequency. Research has shown that the body frequency will decrease with illness. Review the work of Bruce Tanio for more information.

Many holistic practitioners including myself recognize and rely on this information to assist others to a healing balance. Both James Oschman, MD (Energy Medicine) and Richard Gerber, MD (Vibrational Medicine) relate the energy frequencies that occur between practitioner and client during an energy healing session. Many practitioners (as well as clients) will identify a sensation or feeling that happens during an exchange. Outcomes vary and are very individualized.

In addition, various modalities incorporate frequency or energy as core to the practice. Even research on prayer and meditation demonstrate the raising of one’s vibration that correlates with immune balance and other benefits.

Other modalities such as Energy Therapies (Healing Touch, Laying on of Hands, Therapeutic Touch), Essential Oils (therapeutic and organic quality), and even Movement Therapies (Yoga and Nia) integrate principles of vibrational healing into their teaching and practice. Combining therapies may even provide greater beneficial outcomes and many practitioners have discovered this in practice.

A client must still research a practitioner or obtain a reliable reference before committing to a session. Many modalities such as Healing Touch, Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry, Nia and others have organizations that may assist with identifying practitioners in your area

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