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master classes

from depression to joy with aromatherapy
Kate brown, cca, htsm-cp, htacp

In this powerful and calming Master Class Kate Brown gives you techniques and resources to move from depression led to being joy driven.

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centering prayer for connection, energy, attunement to the divine
louise sloan goben, d.min.

The practice of centering prayer is an expression of our intention to connect more closely with God, and allow God to pray in us! To connect with us, giving and receiving. It is a form of contemplative prayer rooted in ancient practices of the Church and based on the wisdom sayings of Jesus.

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increasing your connection  & frequency in your prayer & meditation with essential oils
kate brown, cca, htsm-cp, htacp

Learn how to increase your connection and frequency during prayer and meditation to bring about greater peace, clam and healing. Also learn how to use Essential Oils to counter the effects of fallout from COVID, drug use, suicide, PTSD, loneliness and depression.

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slow down & calm the chaos
debra reis, rn, msn, cca

Debra Reis shares strategies to help reduce your stress quickly and bring in balance and peace. Discover tips on relaxation, aromatherapy, meditation, and gentle movement - all for you to use in 5-minutes or less!

Calm Evergreen.png

aromatherapy for emotional & physical health improvement 
yolanda heath, nd, CCA, integrative wellness specialist

In this Master Class Yolanda Heath guides you through how emotions affect our health and how to use aromatherapy to bring balance, peace and alignment to body, mind and spirit.

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ESSENTIAL OILS: The what, why & how of essential oils
yolanda heath, nd, cca, integrative wellness specialist

Explore both ancient as well as modern-day oils, learning how to benefit from the use of essential oils for anointing, physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, as well as ways to ehance your spiritual practices such as meditation.

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