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Karen is the Australian Facilitator of ISHA's Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy program (CCA) and the principal of Heartfelt Aromatherapy. She is a mother of two. Her background is corporate however her heart always had an interest and love of essential oils which soon led to a desire to want to know more. She discovered that appropriated education in Australia in Aromatherapy was difficult to find. In 2012 Karen was introduced to the ISHA program she became a student with in 2011 and her teacher was the founder of ISHA Certification Program, Linda Smith. She found she loved the "hands on" classes and the ability to study whilst still working full time was an added bonus. Students now work through the program with an online homework via the Moodle system.

Before graduating in 2014, Karen took over the role as the Australian Facilitator for the ISHA Clinical Aromatherapy Course (CCA) and the Cancer Care Program and she is grateful to the guidance and assistance to the first Australian Facilitator, Catherine Garro.

"I am honoured and humbled by what I have learnt of the healing aspects of therapeutic grade essential oils and aromatherapy. I find the spiritual energy techniques inspiring on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. I love to support students, no matter what State or Territory they live, through this process and to encourage further education."
--Karen Bysouth, CCA