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Scholarship Program

The ISHA Scholarship Program is offering scholarships to promote education in the art
of energy healing and aromatherapy.  These scholarships are intended to support those
who are interested in advancing their education in ISHA programs but may not have the
financial means.

Scholarship Details:

  •  Limited to Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry or ISHA’s Aromatherapy classes.

Scholarships are available to residents of any country.

  • Scholarships provide 50% of the class tuition, up to a maximum of US$250

for HTSM 101-105 or up to US$450 for 101-105 bundle; 50% of the class
tuition up to a maximum of US$300 for HTSM 202 or 203 or US$425 for the
202/203 bundle.

  •  Scholarships provide 50% of the class tuition, up to a maximum of US$600

for Aromatherapy Level 1, 2 or 3 and up to a maximum of US$800 for
Aromatherapy Level1-3 bundle. Scholarships may be applied towards the
cost of single classes or bundles.

  • Applications are due at least two months before the class requested (or the

first class of a bundle).

  • Applications for scholarships for classes for which the applicant has already

registered will not be considered.

  • Awardees must advise ISHA in the application the specifics of the class they

expect to take and, if applicable, the bundle they plan to purchase prior to
making the purchase and must notify ISHA Scholarship Program of any

  •  Awards will be paid directly to the ISHA organization; the awardee is

responsible for paying the balance of the class or bundle tuition.

  • Cash will not be awarded and awards cannot be given or sold to others.

  • Recipients must take their class, or initial class in the case of a bundle, within
    one year or forfeit the award.

  •  For scholarship awardees, new applications for other classes may be

submitted one year from the application date for the initial award and after
completion of the class(s) for which the award was made.


The program is open to students at least 18 years of age for US ISHA programs.

Application process


  • Applications must be filled out completely.

  • Applications are submitted online. 

  • Applicants will be notified of the decision within 4 weeks.

Additional Requirement

These scholarships are made possible by our generous donors.  Many donors are
interested in learning how this program is benefiting students and the community.  We
ask each scholarship recipient to write a letter within 2 months after completing their
class outlining their progress in their HTSM or Aromatherapy education/studies, and
how they are using the work.  Individual identities will not be disclosed. This will allow
ISHA an opportunity to let our past and future donors know how valuable their
contributions are in realizing ISHA’s vision of a healer in every home, community,

Evaluation Process

Applications will be evaluated by a committee of 3-4 experienced ISHA practitioners.
The application's essay questions are designed to inform the Scholarship Committee of
the applicants need for financial aid, why a ISHA program is important to the applicant,
how they will use their new skills and their commitment to continue their studies. 
Applications are kept confidential within the Scholarship Committee and ISHA Board.
The decision of the Scholarship Committee is final.

Here is the link to apply for a scholarship

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