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To receive a certificate of attendance, you must attend the entire course. When registering for any course sponsored by the Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy, a minimum $50 deposit is required.

Students may qualify for ONE of the following $25 discounts, for an individual class:

  • Those who have received their certificates of completion in Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry, and are registering for courses in the CCA program.

  • Those who have received their Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy through ISHA, and wish to register for courses in the HTSM program.

  • Healing Touch Professional Association (HTPA) members receive a $25 discount on each CCA or HTSM class.

  • Seniors over 65 years of age

Students purchasing a “package” are receiving a discounted price for the classes purchased, and are not eligible to receive additional discounts.

Group Rates:
Sometimes, an institution like a church, retreat house, hospice or hospital is interested in a group rate for courses offered in the HTSM program. The Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry program is pleased to offer these workshops under contract at an affordable group rate. Please contact the Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy office for details on a contractual arrangement for these workshops. Group rates are not available for the certification in clinical aromatherapy program.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:
If a participant who has sent a deposit is unable to attend the workshop requested and has given at least one day’s notice, the deposit will be applied to a future workshop. Our bookkeeper will issue a $50 credit memo toward another class. If the student has paid the full amount for the course, ISHA will refund all but a $50 deposit and will issue a $50 credit memo good towards any of our future courses.

If there is a serious reason why a participant is unable to attend such as a death in the family, or sudden illness, the tuition will be applied to another workshop or can be returned upon request. If a student has paid by credit card and changes their mind about attending the course and requests a refund rather than select another course, the monies are returned minus a 10% administrative fee. If the course is cancelled due to low numbers, the tuition will be applied to another course or can be returned upon request.

Receiving a Certificate of Attendance:
When a student attends the entire workshop and completes an evaluation form, a certificate of attendance is issued for the published number of contact hours. See the Course Information for the number of contact hours for each course.

Educational Instruction:
The HTSM curriculum and the CCA curriculum are created and developed by ISHA, Inc. which is fully responsible for ensuring that each program is taught by a qualified instructor. Please see the list of instructors

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