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These Standards of Practice were specifically written to aid in the practice of Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry. HTSM Healing Practitioners are expected to abide by these standards of practice.


Standard 1

A HTSM Healing Practitioner integrates Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry within the scope of his/her background. This background is clearly represented to the client and the public in an appropriate manner such as a flyer or brochure outlining one’s credentials including the successful completion of approved courses in Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry—HTSM 101, 102, 103, 104, and 105 (Basic Healing Practitioner Certificate of Completion) and HTSM 202, and 203 (Advanced Healing Practitioner Certificate of Completion) as taught by approved instructors in the HTSM program. The Certificate of Completion granted through HTSM, Inc., is appropriately displayed on request.


Standard 2

A HTSM Healing Practitioner abides by individual state laws regarding touching the human body and receiving payment for services. Therefore, HTSM Healing Practitioners obtain the necessary licenses to touch the human body when charging for services.


Standard 3

A HTSM Healing Practitioner is a resource within his/her community to represent the practice of Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry and its relationship to other related individual practitioners, professions, institutions and organizations. When performing services under the auspices of a church or other institution, the HTSM Healing Practitioner abides by the guidelines/standards of that organization or institution. 


Standard 4

A HTSM Healing Practitioner operates from a theoretical knowledge base of Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry and maintains a commitment to continual learning and growing as a practitioner well grounded in the art, and the beginning scientific basis of energetic healing and the use of essential oils.


Standard 5

A HTSM Healing Practitioner obtains health information and an energy assessment that serves as background for understanding the parameters of the current health/healing need(s) of the client. The HTSM Healing Practitioner does not diagnose or prescribe.


Standard 6

A HTSM Healing Practitioner assesses the energy system using various tools to determine the current health/healing need(s) in the energetic field and centers. This process is influenced by the ability of the practitioner to attune to spiritual guidance. Various intuitive gifts determine the data obtained. Data can come from clear hearing, clear seeing, clear feeling and inner knowing. Consequently, the depth and range of the data can vary from practitioner to practitioner. However, all HTSM Healing Practitioners use their energetic assessment to guide the intervention


Standard 7

Healing is an individual lived experience. Therefore, a HTSM Healing Practitioner is a facilitator of the health/healing process, not the cause of the changes. HTSM Healing Practitioners recognize that God, the Divine Source is the cause of all healing. Change is within the control of the individual at all times. The pacing, openness, and intensity of Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry is guided by the clients need at all times.


Standard 8

HTSM Healing Practitioners recognize and hold sacred, the individual’s right to choose their own spiritual path and respect all spiritual beliefs and practices of the client. The goal is to support the person on his/her own spiritual path using Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry as a resource to complement that path. HTSM Healing Practitioners offer this work to others out of Christian love, compassion and service to all brothers and sisters and hold as a model, the healing ministry of Jesus to all peoples.

Standard 9
The Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry session is done in an atmosphere of prayer. The HTSM Healing Practitioner gives an explanation regarding what is going to be done, how and why, based on the energy assessment. The HTSM Healing Practitioner explains the roles of prayer, hands-on energy work and anointing. The client is a fully knowledgeable participant in the health/healing process based on his/her ability and chooses whether to receive prayer, hands-on healing and anointing. The individual need for an explanation, including depth and scope, is to be honored. Some want more explanations and some want less. However, all HTSM Healing Practitioners are grounded in being able to explain to the client what he/she is doing and why. As the scriptural and scientific basis for Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry is established, the Healing Practitioner is knowledgeable and able to share that information.


Standard 10
The treatment given in Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry is based on the client’s individual need and established from the assessment of the energy system as outlined in the Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry Student Notebooks.
Standard 11
After the treatment, the energy system is reassessed to determine the effect of the treatment and need for further treatment of the energy system and/or referral.
Standard 12
A confidential record is maintained on each client documenting the history, presenting need, assessment, findings, treatment—prayer, hands-on energy work and essential oils, evaluation, and follow-up plan.


Standard 13

Referrals are made to other professionals as needed. HTSM Healing Practitioners practice within the scope of their background, training, knowledge and experience.


Standard 14

HTSM Healing Practitioners are committed to quality care and leadership. This requires a commitment to operate from a Code of Ethics.


Standard 15

HTSM Healing Practitioners receive supervision and consultation for their healing practice as needed from qualified HTSM resources.

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