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LEVEL 2 - Certified Professional Aromatherapist



Certified Professional Aromatherapist

This three day professional level class in aromatherapy builds upon the information presented in LEVEL 1. Organic Chemistry of 35 additional oils is discussed along with vibrational frequencies of oils, toxicity and essential oil safety and botany and taxonomy. Anatomy and physiology and along with essential oils known to support these systems: Cardiovascular, Lymphatic and Immune, Psychoneuroimmunology Reproductive, Urinary, Respiratory, and Digestive Systems. The oils are presented using a holistic approach incorporating physical, emotional and spiritual qualities. Development of Intake and Assessment skills as part of a greater professional development are included along with consultation and client education. Blending by classifications and chemistry is introduced along with a review of blending by note. Students then create a blend of specific purposes for a partner and are led in a series of heart-centered healing techniques utilizing both energetic healing and aromatherapy. Legal, ethical, and professional issues are discussed, as well as, ways to do research paper, case study process and develop a business in aromatherapy.


If you are unable to attend class a $50 deposit will be kept for another class


$1000 to include: Class, Homework, Final exam, and Certification Certificate  (Student must complete the 100 Hour, Certified Aromatherapist program in order to enter the 150 Hour, Certified Professional Aromatherapist Program)

(additionally, students will need to purchase 3 'required reading' books)

150 Student Hours


Continuing Education: Massage Therapist/Nurses 24

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Payment plans available and scholarshios

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