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The institute of spiritual healing & aromatherapy, inc.
Non-Profit 501(c)(3)

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Vision: A world where everyone recognizes and uses their God-given gifts of healing for themselves and in service to others.

Mission: Ignite healers worldwide by providing resources, support, education, and community through ISHA programs in the art of energetic healing and aromatherapy, rooted in laying on hands, prayer and annointing.

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Has this program spoken to you?
Have you benefited personally from the work?
Have you seen it's influence and impact on others?
If so, please help us spread the work to the greater community and the world as we ignite healers world wide.
With the initial launch of the non-profit, we've got some special gifts as our way of saying "Thanks" for your support and contribution to healing the world.
Has your heart been touched by this program?
Would you love to see more people experience what you and others have?

Through your donation...

We can hire more staff to support outreach programs.
We can train more instructors to carry this work far and wide.
We can take this work to underserved communities.

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