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Debra Reis - RN, MSN, HN, HTCP, HTSM-CP/I, CCA

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Debra has been described as an instructor that brings humor into the classroom and makes complex topics easier to understand and apply to everyday practice.  


Deb is a certified nurse practitioner specializing in holistic health. In addition, she holds certifications in holistic nursing, NIA instructor (form of holistic movement therapy), as a Clinical Aromatherapist, Healing Touch Practitioner, and as a Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry Practitioner and Instructor.


Currently, Deb is serving as the Director of the ISHA Certified Clinical Aromatherapy program.  She has given many presentations on energy therapy,  complementary health practices and has developed several CE programs including the popular "Supporting Cancer Care with Essential Oils".  Her research area has been on the use of NIA exercise for women with a breast cancer diagnosis.  Deb uses aromatherapy, energy therapy, gentle movement and relaxation techniques in her private practice as well as part of an outpatient oncology setting for patients and families.


She is part of the healing ministry program in her Lutheran Church, and describes herself as an enthusiastic student on holistic health practices.

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