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Cindy Eldridge - PhD, HTAP, ESMT, HTSM-CP/I

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Cindy was trained as a research scientist and holds a doctorate in Cell Biology. After spending almost 20 years in academia and directing a clinical Transplant Immunology Lab and a bone marrow donor program at a cancer center, she felt called to research healing and healing prayer.


She joined the International Order of St. Luke the Physician, trained in Healing Touch and became a practitioner in Healing Touch for Animals and a certified instructor/practitioner in Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry. Having just moved in Dec. 2014, Cindy had to leave behind her private practice as well as the church based ministry she led for 5 years in Memphis, TN. She hopes to establish/join another, as well as resume her services as lay Eucharistic Minister and lay Eucharistic Visitor, in a new church home in the Durham/Chapel Hill area of NC.


Cindy is delighted that the melding of Science and Spirituality in biofield energy therapy unites her two passions while allowing her to help others, whether people, or the furred, finned, feathered and scaled!

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