HTSM Class Descriptions

HTSM 101 Introduction to Healing Ministry

This one-day course details the history of healing in Christianity with the opportunity to experience the laying-on of hands. The roles of prayer and belief and developing a healing presence are presented along with guided meditations. An inspiring day for all.
Tuition: $175

HTSM 102 Introduction to Judeo-Christian Anointing

This one-day course continues the story of healing in Christianity with an emphasis on anointing and how it was lost in history. Jesus sent his disciples out to heal and anoint and they weren’t using their cooking oils! Nine essential oils used in the Biblical times are introduced with hands-on methods derived from the laying-on of hands.
Tuition: $175

HTSM 103 Using Your Hands to Heal

[103, 104 and 105 are courses taken in sequence]
This two-day course incorporates a variety of healing modalities that spring from the laying-on of hands found in our Christian heritage. Bio-energetic healing principles are introduced within a spiritual ministry focus. Topics include distance healing, healing of memories, meditation, working with the human energy field, and the practitioner path.

Tuition: $350

HTSM 104 Forming a Healing Practice

This two-day course presents advanced intervention methods to help with specific healing needs including intake interview, documentation of client sessions, bio-energetic assessment, back techniques, a one-hour healing session and ways to integrate this work into ministry settings. Four single essential oils are introduced with this work.
Tuition: $350

HTSM 105 The Art of Listening to Spiritual Guidance

This three-day course introduces the student to awareness of Divine spiritual guidance in healing work through listening, seeing, feeling and knowing. Advanced healing is introduced as a way to do deeper spiritual healing work with others. Emphasis is on development of deeper listening, discernment of spirits and the roles of angelic helpers and the communion of saints in relation to spiritual guidance. Five essential oil blends are introduced with this healing work.

Tuition: $500

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To Receive a Certificate of Completion as a Healing Practitioner in Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry, the student submits the following to the HTSM office:
(1) Copies of class certificates for HTSM 101-105
(2) A description of your healing practice (250 words)
(3) A description of your development as a healing practitioner (250 words)
(4) A $50 processing fee

Advanced Courses

HTSM 202 Advanced Healing Practitioner Development

is for students who have completed the Healing Practitioner Program in Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry and who desire to become an Advanced Healing Practitioner in a healing ministry setting. This is a 34-hour course that provides students with an opportunity to develop a vision and mission for a Christian ministry practice of prayer, hands-on healing and anointing. Emphasis is on case management, mentor/apprentice relationship, and advanced skill development. Having a Basic Healing Practitioner Certificate is a prerequisite for taking this course.

Tuition: $605

HTSM 203 Advanced Healing Practitioner Development

This class is for students who have completed the Advanced Healing Practitioner Development—Course A, and a 6 to 12 month mentorship in Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry. This 30-hour course focuses on course completion and group healing work. Students are afforded the opportunity to present their ministry practice along with their vision and mission for an advanced healing practice that is focused on spiritual healing.

Tuition: $565

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Instructor Training
HTSM offers instructor programs for those who desire to teach this work to others. Contact the Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy for details. There is an application process for prospective students. Instructor courses are taught once a year in a retreat setting.

HTSM 401 Instructor Program for HTSM—101 and 102

Student instructors learn curriculum for both introductory courses, how to lead meditations, and classroom management principles. There is an emphasis on ongoing continuing self-development and spirituality. After completing this training, there are additional student observations, co-teachings and a solo workshop to teach. Each student instructor will be expected to participate in a supervision program until they are approved as an instructor.
Tuition: $800 + monthly supervisory fees.

HTSM 402 Instructor Program for HTSM—103

Once the instructor has had some classroom experience teaching 101 and 102, she/he may apply for the second instructor program that teaches the curriculum of HTSM 103. In this course, the student instructor learns to teach various energy principles, energy techniques, and classroom management principles. Ongoing continuing self-development and spirituality is continued. After completing this training, there are additional student co-teachings and a solo workshop to teach. Supervision is an expectation.
Tuition: $800 + monthly supervisory fees.

All ISHA teachers teach this curriculum for the institute and are not independent providers of this education.

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