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All Past and Current ISHA Students and Graduates

Anniversary Special - Roll Back Pricing
Invitation to Become a Member 

for as little as $7 per month!

  • Have you ever wished you had more opportunities to practice?

  • Do you have questions about sessions or specific techniques?

  • Would you like some supervision and clarity on what may have happened in a session with a client?

  • Do you have business questions about your practice or just want to learn something new?

  • Are you working on your certification in either HTSM or Aromatherapy and would love support and accountability to complete it?

  • Would you like clarification or the opportunity to check with other students on what they are doing?

We've heard you ask these questions, so we have created a platform and community to support you in these very things!

Join The ISHA Membership Community

Continuing Support, Education & Resources for ISHA Students & Practitioners

Enhance Your Practice, Your Business & Your Contribution to World Healing

  • Ongoing support through weekly sessions delivered on Zoom.

  • Access to replays so that if you're unable to join us live, you still enjoy the benefits of the sessions.

  • A private forum (via Facebook group) to ask questions, share your experiences and stay connected with other students.

  • Early access to new and advanced techniques and sessions beyond those covered in the training courses.

  • Discounts on new materials as they are created and made available.

Sessions Held Every Monday
7pm to 8:15pm EST (75 Minutes)

Core Membership

  • 3 Sessions Per Month

  • Private Facebook Group 

Advanced Membership

  • 4 Sessions Per Month

  • Private Facebook Group 

Anniversary Special Ends on May 15th

Any Questions?

Contact us at

Tel: (865) 357-1541

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